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These Are The Benefits of Building Restoration Over New Construction


In today’s economic climate, perhaps more than ever before, Building Restoration is a viable alternative to new construction. While each avenue provides a host of benefits, here at Woemmel Plastering, industry leaders in residential, commercial, and ornamental plastering and stucco repair, we strongly believe that restoring your historic residential or commercial property is the way to go.

 Let us tell you why!

Benefits Of Restoring Your Historic Property

Historic restoration should hinge on three rules:

  • Respect the historic identity of the building
  • Protect and preserve the significant features and architectural elements
  • Repair deteriorated features, replacing only what is beyond repair.

If these three rules are adhered to during a restoration project, various benefits can be attained.

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Woemmel Plastering and The Sun Theater Historic Renovations.



The city of St. Louis, Missouri, is the center of all economic and cultural activity in the Greater St Louis area. As such, the city is filled with myriad cultural landmarks, each one with a long, rich history and cultural significance.

These landmarks don’t just enhance or beautify the city; The Gateway Arch, the Cathedral Basilica, the Botanical Gardens, and Union Station, each defines the experience of living in such a dynamic city. 

Of the city’s many landmarks, one stands out for its long and tortured history, as well as for its resplendent rebirth at the hands of the folk at Woemmel Plastering.

I am talking, of course, about the magnificent Sun Theater!

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Custom Ornamental Plastering


The Woemmel Plastering Company has been at the vanguard of the ornamental plastering business since 1933. That means that we offer our clients over 85 years of hard-earned experience and professionalism. Today we want to share with you a bit of background knowledge and historical perspective on the subject of ornamental plastering. The ornamental plastering industry makes use of a wide variety of materials with which to cover and decorate walls. One of the most notable materials, which dates back to the Italian Renaissance, is stucco.

 Stucco was used in the construction of churches, cathedrals, castles, among others. Through its use, Renaissance architects were able to conjure beautiful and fantastical facades, the likes of which are still being emulated to this very day.

 Presently, stucco stands out among more modern materials because of its versatility to be used not only on walls but on ceilings, both in interior and exterior environments.

 Stucco’s unique composition allows those who work it to obtain highly detailed finishes in a wide variety of textures, which means that it is suitable for almost any type of construction. Furthermore, in addition to reinforcing the surfaces on which it is applied, stucco provides a significant waterproofing effect by allowing natural perspiration.


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Why Woemmel Is The Best Plastering Company in St. Louis



Woemmel Plastering is the talk of the town in St. Louis for all the right reasons. You see, it takes a company several projects (big and small) to call itself a professional plastering company, and this is where Woemmel Plastering takes the lead. Woemmel has been operating for more than 85 years, and they have worked on several projects, big and small. In simpler words, Woemmel is comprised of professionals who know how to provide detail and customization to their craft.


Customer Satisfaction

The second most important reason to choose Woemmel Plastering is that they keep customer satisfaction a priority no matter the customer. This isn’t something a lot of construction companies focus on.

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Why is Stucco The Best Choice?


Stucco, also referred to as render, is a construction material that is popularly used as decorative coating for ceilings and walls. It is also used in architecture as an artistic and sculptural material. It may just appear as a plain cement or clay, but Stucco is the world’s oldest building material to use on homes. Previously, stucco was made using water, sand, and lime. Believe it or not, this construction material can last up to 100 years. There is even evidence suggested that its usage can be traced back during Ancient Greece.

When you look at old stucco construction, you can just see the durability in the material. Today, Portland cement, water, and sand are used to make this ornamental coating. Usually, it is applied in several layers in conjunction with a wire framework.

Why Should I Consider Using Stucco for the Construction of My Home?

There are a lot of reasons why many people are still using the decorative coating of stucco for modern home construction.  One of the best reasons is being versatile and budget-friendly. It is versatile in a way that you can customize it. You can have it applied as rough, smooth, or patterned on your home’s exterior. Or, you can just add some decorative stones and other features to achieve that customized look. Not only can you do that, but you can also make your home’s exterior colorful by adding color or an acrylic finish to the plaster mixture and voila!

Aside from being affordable, it also saves you from expensive maintenance. The cement-based modern type of stucco keeps your home safe from insects, rot, fungus, and even fire. With its texture, appearance, durability, and cost, no wonder this material is highly chosen for the bulk of home construction.

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Residential Plastering in St. Louis


Whether you are looking to renovate, restore, repair, or build, using plaster on your walls and ceilings will be the best choice you ever make. Not only is it stronger and more durable than drywall gypsum boards, but it offers a much nicer aesthetic appeal. It was once the number one choice for interior wall finishing, and most people still prefer the unique and timeless look that plaster offers. However, Plaster is not easy to work with. If you plan on doing some residential plastering in St. Louis, make sure you look for someone who has experience and can provide quality craftsmanship.

What is Plaster?

Plaster has been around a long time and was even used to build shelters at the beginning of civilization. There are many types of Plaster but the most common is made with either lime, cement, or gypsum. It comes in powder form and when mixed with water and properly applied, will provide you with a superior paint finish that is more resistant to dents and knocks. Although plaster is more durable, drywall is cheaper to use. So what other reasons are there for using plaster?

The Benefits of Plaster

Other than its durability and resistance to dents, plaster also absorbs sounds better than drywall. This makes it a great choice for soundproofing rooms. It also works better when working with curved walls. More recently, plastering has been more commonly been used in commercial buildings due to costs and residential plastering is still popular with people who prefer the high-end look.

Plaster is more versatile than drywall and can be applied in many different finishes, including stucco-like, glossy finish, and smooth. It can also be used to create ornamental designs that make a big difference in your home’s décor. Plaster has been used since Egyptian times for intricate and elegant interior designs and statues. However, plastering is a skill that takes time to master.

Applying Plaster

Plaster looks great and last a very long time, however, it is not as easy as drywall to install. Unfortunately, when it come to indoor walls and ceilings, many people opt for the cheaper and quicker choice. This is fine if you care more about costs than aesthetics. If you want a high-quality finish and a design that is unique to your taste, then plaster is the best choice for you.

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