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Bellefontaine Neighbors

Bellefontaine (pronounced BELL-fount-in) Neighbors is an inner-ring suburb city in St. Louis CountyMissouri, United States. The population was 10,860 at the 2010 census.[7] At 22 letters, it has the longest name of any incorporated place in the United States.

2000 census

As of the census[5] of 2000, there were 11,271 people, 4,388 households, and 2,966 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,573.2 people per square mile (993.6/km²). There were 4,550 housing units at an average density of 1,038.8 per square mile (401.1/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 53.73% White, 44.41% African American, 0.20% Native American, 0.26% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.31% from other races, and 1.07% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.67% of the population.

There were 4,388 households out of which 32.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 42.8% were married couples living together, 20.7% had a female householder with no husband present, and 32.4% were non-families. 29.4% of all households were made up of individuals and 14.5% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.39 and the average family size was 2.93.

In the city, the population was spread out with 24.1% under the age of 18, 8.2% from 18 to 24, 29.8% from 25 to 44, 20.2% from 45 to 64, and 17.7% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 38 years. For every 100 females, there were 88.1 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 83.2 males.

The median income for a household in the city was $40,007, and the median income for a family was $44,314. Males had a median income of $34,909 versus $26,202 for females. The per capita income for the city was $18,911. About 5.4% of families and 6.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 7.3% of those under age 18 and 4.7% of those age 65 or ove

Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri

plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service

Bellefontaine Road in Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri, February 2017


Location of Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri


plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service


United States




Area [2]

June 19, 1950[1]


4.41 sq mi (11.42 km2)


4.41 sq mi (11.42 km2)


0.00 sq mi (0.00 km2)



459 ft (140 m)






2,411.07/sq mi (930.93/km2)

Time zone

Summer (DST)


FIPS code


GNIS feature ID



Woemmel is a St. Louis based Plastering company with a concentration in Residential, Commercial, Ornamental, and Plater Repair.

Choosing Plastering Contractors

Importance of Experience

Examine the years in business to gauge a company’s stability and reliability. A longer tenure often indicates accumulated expertise.

Review the past projects completed by the plastering contractors. This showcases their capabilities and the quality of their workmanship.

Assess the expertise in different plastering techniques. A versatile contractor can handle various types of projects effectively.

Reviewing Portfolios

Look for a diverse range of project types in the contractor’s portfolio. This demonstrates their ability to tackle different challenges.

Check for before-and-after photos in the portfolios. These visuals offer a clear insight into the transformation achieved by the contractor.

Ensure that quality and attention to detail are evident in the completed projects showcased in their portfolio.

Understanding Services

Identify the specific plastering services offered by each contractor. Different companies may specialize in distinct areas within plastering.

Inquire about customization options available for your project. Personalized solutions can ensure your unique needs are met satisfactorily.

Clarify if the contractors provide maintenance services post-completion, ensuring long-term durability of your plastered surfaces.

Assessing Reputation

Check online platforms for reviews and ratings from previous clients. Positive feedback is a good indicator of reliable service.

Ask for client references directly from the contractors. Speaking with past clients can provide valuable insights into their experiences.

Verify any awards or certifications received by the contractors, showcasing their commitment to excellence and industry recognition.

Bellefontaine Neighbors
Bellefontaine Neighbors

When browsing for plastering company Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO, it’s crucial to distinguish between paid ads and organic results. Paid ads are typically labeled as sponsored or advertisements. Look for detailed service descriptions in these ads to understand what each contractor offers. Be wary of exaggerated claims that seem too good to be true.

In the search results, sponsored contractors may appear at the top or side. To ensure you choose the right one, thoroughly research their background. Check reviews, ratings, and any complaints filed against them. While sponsored contractors may seem appealing, don’t overlook local options that might offer better quality or pricing. Always be mindful of hidden costs or biases that could impact your decision.

Evaluating Sponsored Contractors

Before selecting a contractor from the sponsored results, delve into their history and reputation. Some sponsored contractors might have paid for top placements without necessarily being the best choice for your needs. It’s essential to compare them with local options, which could provide more personalized service or better value for money.

Consider reaching out to both sponsored contractors and local companies to gather quotes and information about their services. This allows you to make a well-informed decision based on factors like experience, pricing, and customer reviews. Watch out for any signs of hidden costs that might not be immediately apparent in the advertisements.

Discovering Local Experts

Benefits of Local Hiring

Support the local economy by investing in businesses within Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO. This helps boost community growth.

Faster response times for emergencies are a significant advantage when hiring locals. Quick access to services can make a crucial difference.

A better understanding of local building codes is a key benefit of hiring experts from the area. They are familiar with regulations.

Community Recommendations

Seek advice from neighbors or local groups when looking for a reliable plastering company. Community insights can be invaluable.

Attend community events to network and gather recommendations for local experts. Personal referrals often lead to trustworthy hires.

Utilize social media platforms to ask for recommendations on reputable plastering companies in Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO. Online communities can provide valuable insights.

Hiring Process Simplified

Contacting Companies

When reaching out to plastering companies, it’s crucial to be prepared. Prepare a list of questions regarding their experience and services. Inquire about availability and how soon they can start your project. Request information on insurance coverage to ensure protection during the job.

Requesting Quotes

To get accurate quotes, provide detailed project requirements such as room size and desired finish. Ask for a breakdown of costs including materials and labor. Inquire about any potential additional charges like extra repairs or unforeseen issues.

Comparing Offers

When comparing offers from different companies, focus on evaluating the scope of work outlined in each quote. Consider factors such as timelines for completion and warranties offered for their workmanship. If necessary, don’t hesitate to negotiate for better terms that align with your needs.

Benefits of Professional Plastering

Quality Assurance

When hiring a professional plastering company, always inquire about the quality of materials they use. Ensure that high-grade materials are used to guarantee a durable and visually appealing finish. Ask about post-installation inspections to ensure that the work meets quality standards.

It is essential to seek guarantees on workmanship from the plastering company. This ensures that any issues arising from the installation will be rectified promptly and at no extra cost to you. By prioritizing quality assurance, you can rest assured that your plastering project is in capable hands.

Time Efficiency

Discuss with the contractor the estimated project completion times. Understanding how long the project will take helps you plan accordingly and manage your expectations. Inquire about the availability of the contractor as this can impact project timelines significantly.

To ensure your project stays on track, confirm if the contractor can meet your deadlines. Effective communication regarding timelines is crucial for a successful plastering project. By working with a reliable and punctual contractor, you can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure timely project completion.

Long-Term Savings

When considering professional plastering services, inquire about energy-efficient plastering options. Opting for energy-efficient materials can lead to long-term savings on your energy bills while also benefiting the environment. Ask about maintenance requirements for different types of plaster to understand ongoing costs.

It’s important to consider the durability and longevity of materials used by the plastering company. Choosing durable materials ensures that your walls remain in top condition for years to come, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. By investing in quality materials upfront, you can enjoy long-term savings on maintenance costs.

Spotlight on Bellefontaine Neighbors

Local Contractor Highlights

Local contractors in Bellefontaine Neighbors play a vital role in community projects, showcasing their commitment to improving the area. They actively participate in initiatives such as renovating historical buildings and enhancing public spaces. This involvement not only uplifts the community but also demonstrates their dedication to preserving local heritage.

Their profound knowledge of local architecture sets them apart, allowing them to offer specialized services tailored to the region’s unique style. By understanding the intricate details and design elements specific to Bellefontaine Neighbors, these contractors can deliver exceptional results that harmonize with the existing structures. This expertise ensures that every project complements the neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal seamlessly.

Moreover, many local contractors have received recognition for their outstanding work in Bellefontaine Neighbors. These awards serve as a testament to their craftsmanship, professionalism, and contribution to the community. Such accolades not only validate their skills but also instill trust and confidence among residents seeking plastering services.

Unique Community Needs

When catering to Bellefontaine Neighbors, contractors must consider historical preservation requirements diligently. They must adhere to strict guidelines aimed at safeguarding the area’s architectural heritage while undertaking renovation or restoration projects. By respecting these regulations, contractors contribute to maintaining the neighborhood’s historical charm intact.

Bellefontaine Neighbors faces specific weather-related challenges due to its geographical location. Contractors must be well-versed in addressing issues such as humidity, extreme temperatures, and precipitation levels that can impact plastering work. Implementing suitable techniques and materials is crucial to ensuring long-lasting and durable results despite these environmental factors.

To meet the diverse preferences of residents, local contractors offer customization options tailored to Bellefontaine Neighbors’ aesthetics. Whether it involves replicating traditional designs or incorporating modern elements while preserving the area’s character, contractors strive to fulfill unique requests. This flexibility allows homeowners to personalize their spaces according to their vision while maintaining harmony with the community’s overall look and feel.

Essential Hiring Tips

Verifying Credentials

When hiring staff for your plastering project, ensure to check for licenses and certifications to guarantee quality work. Verify the company’s insurance coverage to avoid liabilities. Confirm their membership in professional associations for credibility.

Discussing Timelines

Set clear expectations with the staff regarding project milestones to keep the work on track. Address any potential delays upfront to prevent misunderstandings. Establish effective communication channels for regular updates on the progress.

Budget Considerations

Discuss the payment schedules with the plastering company to align with your financial plan. Inquire about any available financing options they may offer. Clarify all possible hidden costs or fees beforehand to avoid surprises.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Ignoring Reviews

Online reviews play a crucial role in selecting a plastering company. Negative reviews can indicate potential issues, so pay attention to them. Assess the validity of each review by looking for specific details or patterns. Balance out negative reviews with positive ones before making a decision.

Overlooking Contracts

When hiring a plastering company, never underestimate the importance of the contract. Thoroughly examine all the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. If there are any ambiguous clauses, seek clarification from the company before signing. It’s essential to have all verbal agreements put into writing to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Sustainable Practices

When considering the future of plastering, sustainable practices play a crucial role. It’s essential to inquire about eco-friendly plastering materials that reduce environmental impact. Companies that prioritize sustainability often use materials like recycled gypsum to minimize waste.

Moreover, it’s important to ask about waste disposal practices employed by plastering companies. Proper disposal methods ensure that waste is managed responsibly and does not harm the environment. By choosing a company with efficient waste disposal strategies, you contribute to a greener future.

Discussing recycling options for old materials is another key aspect of sustainable plastering practices. Reusing or recycling materials not only reduces landfill waste but also conserves natural resources. Inquire about how companies handle the recycling of old plaster to promote a more environmentally friendly approach.

Technological Advancements

In the realm of plastering, technological advancements are shaping the industry’s future. When engaging with plastering companies, inquire about their use of modern tools and equipment. Advanced tools can enhance efficiency and precision in plaster application, leading to high-quality results.

Discussing digital design options with plastering professionals can provide insights into innovative techniques. Digital design tools allow for detailed planning and customization, ensuring that your project meets specific requirements. Understanding how companies integrate digital design into their processes can give you a glimpse into the future of plastering.

Exploring virtual reality simulations for project visualization is another exciting advancement in the field of plastering. Virtual reality technology enables clients to visualize their projects before implementation, offering a realistic preview of the final outcome. By experiencing virtual simulations, clients can make informed decisions and provide feedback for a more tailored approach.

Final Remarks

You’ve gained valuable insights into choosing the right plastering contractors, discovering local experts, simplifying the hiring process, and understanding the benefits of professional plastering. By spotlighting Bellefontaine Neighbors, you’re now equipped with essential hiring tips, knowledge to avoid common mistakes, and a glimpse into future trends in plastering.

Take charge of your next plastering project armed with this comprehensive guide. Make informed decisions, leverage expert advice, and stay ahead of industry trends. Your journey to a successful plastering experience starts now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a professional plastering company in Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO necessary to help with the job?

Absolutely. Professional plastering companies bring expertise, quality materials, and efficient service to ensure a flawless finish that enhances your property’s value and aesthetics.

What are the benefits of hiring locals, with the ability to help with the job, for plastering services?

Local experts offer quick response times, personalized service, knowledge of regional building codes, and familiarity with local suppliers. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free plastering experience tailored to your specific needs.

How can I avoid common mistakes when selecting a plastering contractor?

To avoid mistakes, research potential contractors thoroughly, check reviews and references, ask about their experience with similar projects, ensure they are licensed and insured, and clearly communicate your expectations upfront.

What essential tips should I consider when hiring a plastering company in Bellefontaine Neighbors?

Prioritize experience, request detailed quotes, inquire about project timelines and warranties, discuss payment schedules, clarify communication channels, and ensure all terms are outlined in a written contract before work begins.

Yes. Keep an eye on eco-friendly materials, innovative textures and finishes, digital design tools for visualizing outcomes, and smart technologies that enhance durability and energy efficiency in plastering projects.

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