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Edwardsville was incorporated in 1818. The first European-American settler was Thomas Kirkpatrick, who came in 1805, laid out a community, and served as the Justice of the Peace. He named the community after his friend Ninian Edwards,[4] then territorial governor of Illinois. (Illinois did not become a state until 1818.) The Edwards Trace, a key trail in the settlement of Central Illinois, used Edwardsville as a northward launching point.[5]

In 1868 The Bank of Edwardsville was founded. It is still a functioning regional bank[6]

In 1890, St. Louis industrialist N.O. Nelson chose a tract of land just south of Edwardsville to build plumbing factories. He also built a model workers’ cooperative village called Leclaire. He offered workers fair wages with reasonable working hours and a share of the profits. He named the village in honor of the French economist Edme-Jean Leclaire. The village also provided educational and recreational opportunities and made it financially possible for anyone to own his own home. Unlike company towns such as Pullman near Chicago, the welfare and quality of life for the workers and their families was a major concern.[7]

In 1934, the Village of Leclaire was incorporated into the City of Edwardsville. The area has a lake and park, baseball field, and the Edwardsville Children’s Museum in the former Leclaire schoolhouse. Several Nelson factory buildings were renovated and adapted for use as the historic N. O. Nelson Campus of Lewis and Clark Community College. The recognized Historic District has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Each year on the third Sunday in October, the Friends of Leclaire host the annual Leclaire Parkfest with food, live heritage music, historic displays & tours, artisans, children’s activities, a book sale, and more.

In 1983, Edwardsville’s historic Saint Louis Street was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Dating back to 1809, this Historic District has a mile-long visual landscape. More than 50 historic homes date from the middle 19th century to early 20th century. The protection and preservation of Saint Louis Street is overseen by the Historic Saint Louis Street Association.

Five Illinois governors came from Edwardsville: namesake Ninian Edwards, who became a territorial governor in 1809 and later served as governor from 1826–1830; Edward Coles, elected in 1822 and a strong opponent of slaveryJohn Reynolds, governor from 1830 to 1834; Thomas Ford, governor from 1842–1846; and Charles Deneen, governor from 1909 to 1913.[8]

Former president Abraham Lincoln was in Edwardsville twice, as an attorney in the 1814 courthouse and a speaker outside the 1857 courthouse on Sept. 11, 1858. The present county courthouse, a square, four-story neoclassical structure of white marble that rises to six stories at the back section, was constructed from 1913-15

City of Edwardsville
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service

Downtown Edwardsville with the Madison County Administration Building in the background

plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
Location of Edwardsville in Madison County, Illinois.
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
Location of Illinois in the United States


plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service


United States



Former seat


name=”CenPopGazetteer2016″>”2016 U.S. Gazetteer Files”. United States Census Bureau. Retrieved Jun 29, 2017.


53.01 km2 (20.47 sq mi)


51.44 km2 (19.86 sq mi)

Population (2010)

1.57 km2 (0.61 sq mi)






487.41/km2 (1,262.39/sq mi)

Time zone


Summer (DST)


Area code(s)


FIPS code



Woemmel is a St. Louis based Plastering company with a concentration in Residential, Commercial, Ornamental, and Plater Repair.

In the bustling world of home renovations, finding a reliable plastering company in Edwardsville, MO can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options vying for your attention, it’s crucial to distinguish between subpar service and top-notch craftsmanship when it comes to quality work. Look no further than our team of true professionals at [Company Name] – where professionalism meets perfection in quality work. Our dedication to quality workmanship sets us apart from the rest, ensuring your project is completed with precision and care. Say goodbye to mediocre results and hello to excellence with our trusted plastering services for walls.

Plastering Services Overview

Home Plastering

Proper preparation is crucial before starting a home plastering project to ensure a smooth and lasting finish. Different types of plaster finishes are available for residential homes, including smooth, textured, and decorative options. Hiring professionals for home plastering guarantees quality workmanship and long-term durability.

Commercial Solutions

Specialized solutions for commercial properties cater to unique plastering needs, considering factors like high traffic areas and specific design requirements. Meeting strict deadlines and maintaining quality standards are paramount in commercial projects to uphold the property’s professional appearance. Commercial plastering projects often involve larger scales and greater complexity compared to residential ones.

Pool Plastering

Residential Pools

Plastering residential pools involves a meticulous process that includes surface preparation, application of the plaster mix, and finishing touches. Various pool plaster finishes such as white marcite, colored quartz, or pebble provide aesthetic choices for different residential pool styles. Proper pool plastering not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures the longevity of the pool structure.

Commercial Pools

Plastering commercial pools presents unique challenges due to their size and usage demands, requiring specialized expertise and materials. Using high-quality materials in commercial pool plastering is essential to withstand heavy usage and maintain structural integrity. Customization plays a key role in meeting the diverse needs of commercial pool projects, ensuring functionality and durability.

Schilli Plastering Expertise

Quality Workmanship

Skilled workmanship is crucial for a top-notch plastering finish, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Attention to detail plays a pivotal role in achieving flawless results, from smooth surfaces to intricate designs. Advanced techniques and tools are utilized to maintain high-quality standards throughout the plastering process.

Diverse Projects

Schilli Plastering Company excels in handling a wide array of projects, ranging from residential homes to large-scale commercial buildings and unique specialty projects. Their experience in diverse projects equips them with the expertise needed to deliver exceptional results consistently. Versatility and adaptability are key traits required to manage the varying demands of different types of plastering projects.

Pebble Tec Applications

Pool Finishes

Pool finishes come in various types, including plaster, pebble, tile, and aggregate finishes. Each offers unique characteristics such as durability, texture, and color options. Homeowners often choose pool finishes based on their aesthetic preferences and budget constraints.

For residential pools, factors like color versatility and smoothness are crucial in selecting the right finish. Commercial pools, on the other hand, prioritize durability and low maintenance due to high traffic. The choice of pool finish significantly impacts the overall look and feel of the pool area.

Selecting the correct pool finish is essential for both residential and commercial pools. Aesthetically pleasing finishes enhance the visual appeal of the pool area while ensuring long-term durability. Proper maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the finish’s appearance and structural integrity over time.

Durability Benefits

Professional plastering services offer long-term durability benefits for pools and buildings. High-quality plaster finishes can withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat or cold. The expertise of a plastering company ensures a durable finish that lasts for years without significant wear and tear.

Weather conditions such as UV exposure and temperature fluctuations can impact the durability of plaster finishes over time. Properly applied plastering techniques help mitigate these effects, prolonging the lifespan of the surface. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and pH balancing, is essential to preserve the finish’s durability.

Maintaining plastered surfaces through regular cleaning, repair of minor damages, and pH balancing contributes to their longevity. Professional plastering services not only ensure a durable finish but also provide guidance on proper maintenance practices. By following these recommendations, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their plastered surfaces effectively.

Residential Project Showcase

Before and After

Showcasing compelling before-and-after images of completed plastering projects can truly demonstrate the transformation process. From the initial cracked and worn-out walls to the final polished finish, the difference is striking. The visual impact of a well-executed plastering job cannot be understated.

Witnessing the journey from a tired-looking room to a beautifully renovated space is truly inspiring. The meticulous workmanship involved in plastering projects is evident in these transformations. Clients are amazed by how a simple change in wall texture can completely revitalize their living spaces.

Effective plastering solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics and durability of residential properties. By addressing imperfections and applying smooth finishes, plastering brings new life to old walls. Attention to detail during each stage of the process ensures a seamless transition from before to after.

Client Stories

Real-life testimonials and success stories from satisfied clients provide valuable insights into the impact of quality plastering services. Clients often express their satisfaction with not just the final result but also with the entire customer experience provided by the company.

Positive experiences shared by clients highlight the professionalism and dedication of the plastering team. Building strong client relationships based on trust and reliability is key to long-term success in this industry. Clients appreciate when their feedback is valued, resulting in a collaborative approach to each project.

Through positive client relationships, the plastering company establishes itself as a reliable partner for all renovation needs. Happy clients are more likely to recommend the company to friends and family, contributing to its reputation and growth in the community.

Commercial Project Highlights

Scale and Scope

Plastering Company Edwardsville MO demonstrates exceptional capacity in handling projects of varying scales and scopes. From small commercial spaces to large industrial complexes, the company efficiently manages diverse projects. With a team of skilled professionals, they ensure each project receives the attention it deserves. The resources and expertise required for large-scale plastering projects are readily available within the company. They possess advanced tools and techniques to tackle even the most extensive projects with precision.

The flexibility of Plastering Company Edwardsville MO shines through in its ability to adapt to different project sizes and complexities. Whether it’s a simple renovation or a complex new construction, the company approaches each project with dedication and efficiency. Their adaptability allows them to cater to the specific needs of every client, ensuring satisfaction at every stage of the project. By customizing their approach based on the requirements of each project, they deliver high-quality results consistently.

Unique Challenges

Engaging in commercial plastering projects presents unique challenges that require specialized solutions. Plastering Company Edwardsville MO excels in overcoming these obstacles, including intricate designs that demand precision and attention to detail. Historical preservation projects pose a different set of challenges, requiring a deep understanding of traditional plastering techniques. The company’s commitment to preserving historical structures while enhancing their durability sets them apart in the industry.

Innovative solutions play a crucial role in tackling unconventional plastering tasks encountered in commercial projects. Plastering Company Edwardsville MO leverages cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to address these challenges effectively. Their team combines expertise with creativity to find unique solutions for each project, ensuring optimal results every time. By staying ahead of industry trends and embracing innovation, they consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Customer Satisfaction Priority


Customers have consistently praised the plastering company in Edwardsville, MO for their exceptional service. Testimonials highlight the impeccable quality of work and professionalism demonstrated by the company’s team. Clients express satisfaction with the timely completion of projects and attention to detail.

One client mentioned, “The plastering work exceeded my expectations. The team was courteous and efficient.” Such feedback not only validates the company’s commitment to excellence but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Positive testimonials play a crucial role in establishing credibility and attracting new customers.

Another satisfied customer stated, “I was impressed by the level of craftsmanship displayed in every aspect of the project.” These glowing reviews serve as a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering top-notch service. By showcasing these testimonials on their website and social media platforms, the company can build trust and reassure potential clients of their capabilities.

Satisfaction Approach

The plastering company in Edwardsville, MO adopts a customer-centric approach to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the project. Effective communication is key to understanding client needs and preferences accurately. By actively listening to customers, the company can tailor their services to meet individual requirements.

Transparency is another cornerstone of their satisfaction strategy. Providing clear timelines, cost breakdowns, and project updates fosters trust and eliminates any ambiguity. This proactive approach helps manage expectations effectively and prevents misunderstandings down the line.

In instances where concerns or issues arise, the company addresses them promptly and professionally. By resolving conflicts swiftly, they demonstrate a commitment to resolving problems and prioritizing customer care. This proactive stance not only ensures high levels of satisfaction but also showcases their dedication to putting customers first.

Starting with Professionals

Hiring Process

When hiring a plastering company, clients typically start with an initial consultation to discuss project specifics. This involves outlining project requirements, timelines, and budget constraints. Clients can express their needs clearly during this phase.

The professional team at the plastering company pays close attention to client requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding before commencing work. By openly discussing project details, both parties align expectations for a successful outcome. Throughout the hiring process, the company’s true professionals showcase their expertise and dedication.

Training Standards

The plastering company in Edwardsville MO upholds rigorous training standards for its workers. Employees undergo continuous training programs to enhance their skills and stay updated with industry trends. By investing in employee development, the company ensures high-quality services.

Adherence to strict training standards guarantees that all workers are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional results consistently. The emphasis on ongoing training not only benefits employees but also contributes to the overall satisfaction of clients. The commitment to maintaining high training standards reflects the company’s dedication to excellence.

Managing Your Project

Timeline Expectations

Setting clear expectations for project timelines is crucial to ensure smooth progress. Clients rely on accurate schedules for planning. Factors like weather conditions or project complexity can influence timelines significantly. It’s essential to communicate any potential delays promptly. The company’s track record of meeting or even exceeding timeline expectations showcases its commitment to efficiency.

  • Weather conditions

  • Project complexity

  • Company’s reliability

Efficiently managing project timelines demonstrates professionalism and fosters trust with clients. By providing realistic estimates and promptly addressing any delays, the company can maintain a positive reputation.

Budget Considerations

Transparent pricing discussions are fundamental before commencing any plastering project. Clients appreciate knowing the project costs upfront to avoid surprises later on. Factors affecting budget include materials, labor expenses, and the overall project scope. Detailed cost breakdowns help clients understand where their money is being allocated.

  • Transparent pricing

  • Materials and labor costs

  • Detailed cost breakdowns

Clear communication about budget considerations helps build trust with clients. Providing accurate cost estimates ensures transparency and prevents misunderstandings down the line.

Relevant Plastering Categories

Interior vs. Exterior

When it comes to plastering interior surfaces, smooth finishes are often preferred for a polished look. Interior plastering projects typically involve using gypsum-based materials and require meticulous attention to detail. On the other hand, exterior plastering focuses on durability and weather resistance. Exterior surfaces are exposed to harsh elements, requiring cement-based mixes for longevity.

For interior plastering, techniques like troweling and skimming create seamless walls. In contrast, exterior plastering involves methods such as rendering and texturing, providing protection against moisture and temperature changes. The choice of materials plays a crucial role in determining the durability of the finish, with exterior plasters needing to withstand UV exposure and water ingress.

Factors like humidity, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to sunlight significantly impact the maintenance requirements of both interior and exterior plaster finishes. While interior plasters may need periodic touch-ups due to wear and tear, exterior surfaces often require more frequent inspections and repairs to prevent water damage or cracking.

Pool Plastering Specialties

Specializing in pool plastering, the company offers a range of services tailored to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. From traditional white plaster to modern aggregate finishes, they cater to diverse preferences in pool surface design. By incorporating innovative techniques like glass beading or pebbling, they elevate the visual appeal of pool interiors while ensuring long-lasting performance.

In pool plastering projects, customization is key to delivering unique solutions that meet clients’ specific needs. The company’s expertise lies in creating custom color blends, intricate patterns, and textured finishes that transform ordinary pools into stunning aquatic retreats. By staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, they consistently deliver cutting-edge pool plastering solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Emphasizing a commitment to innovation, the company continually explores new materials and application methods to enhance the quality and durability of their pool finishes. Their dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous attention to detail applied during each stage of the plastering process, resulting in flawless outcomes that stand the test of time.


You’ve now seen the range of plastering services offered by Schilli Plastering, showcasing their expertise in Pebble Tec applications, residential and commercial projects, and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By choosing professionals like Schilli Plastering, you ensure a smooth project management process from start to finish across various plastering categories. Trust in their experience to deliver exceptional results tailored to your needs.

Ready to elevate your space with top-notch plastering services? Contact Schilli Plastering today and kickstart your project with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What plastering services does your company offer?

At our plastering company in Edwardsville, MO, we provide a wide range of services including traditional plastering, Pebble Tec applications, residential and commercial projects, and specialized expertise in various plastering categories.

How can Schilli Plastering help with my project?

Schilli Plastering offers expert solutions for your plastering needs in Edwardsville, MO. Our team specializes in delivering high-quality finishes for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring customer satisfaction as our top priority.

What are the benefits of using Pebble Tec applications?

Pebble Tec applications offer durable and aesthetically pleasing finishes for pools, patios, and other surfaces. With our expertise in applying Pebble Tec, you can enjoy a unique textured look that enhances the overall appeal of your property.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction throughout the project?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Schilli Plastering. We achieve this by starting every project with professionals who manage the process efficiently, keeping you informed and involved at every step to ensure your vision is realized.

Can you handle specific categories of plastering projects?

Yes, our company specializes in various plastering categories to cater to diverse needs. Whether you require traditional plastering techniques or unique applications like Pebble Tec, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific requirements.

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