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Maplewood is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis, located in St. Louis CountyMissouri, United States. The population was 8,046 at the 2010 census.Maplewood was established around the turn of the 20th century. Maplewood was one of the early suburbs of St. Louis. Located just outside the city limits, Maplewood was located at the end of one of St. Louis’s streetcar lines and was also located near major railroads. 

It was built as a bedroom community. Advertising suggested that people should get away from the city (in an era of common and sooty commercial, industrial, and domestic coal burning) and enjoy the fresh air of less densely populated areas like Maplewood. Maplewood’s historic residential areas were mostly built from 1900–1910 and a number of well-preserved homes remain. Several of these homes have remained in the same family for generations.

Maplewood is currently being revitalized by an influx of restaurants, businesses, and shops around Manchester Ave., Sutton Ave., and the Greenwood Historic District.

Under a local nuisance ordinance, a person who calls the police for domestic violence more than twice in 180 days can face eviction. In 2012, a woman was evicted from her home after she had called the police four times to request protection from physical assaults by her ex-boyfriend. She became homeless in the process. In 2017, the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of the victim, claiming that the Maplewood nuisance ordinance violates the First Amendment right to petition the government for assistance, as well as the rights to travel, equal protection and due process.[8] In 2018, the ordinance was revised to eliminate language that allowed officials to fine or evict people who were victims of crime.[9]

Maplewood, Missouri

Manchester Road passes through Maplewood, Missouri


plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service


United States



Area [1]


1.56 sq mi (4.04 km2)


1.56 sq mi (4.04 km2)


0 sq mi (0 km2)



505 ft (154 m)






5,200/sq mi (2,000/km2)

Time zone

Summer (DST)


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Woemmel is a St. Louis based Plastering company with a concentration in Residential, Commercial, Ornamental, and Plater Repair.

Looking for top-notch plastering services in Maplewood, MO? Want to elevate your space with flawless plasterwork? Your search ends here! Our plastering company in Maplewood, MO is your go-to destination for expert craftsmanship, quality work, and impeccable finishes. With a team of skilled professionals dedicated to exceeding your expectations, we deliver superior quality results that transform your vision into reality. Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, house or job, we have the expertise in plaster work and tuckpointing to handle it all. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to perfection with our premium plastering services. Ready to elevate your space? Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Plastering Services Overview

Residential Projects

Our plastering company in Maplewood, MO takes pride in our top-notch residential projects. From small repairs to full renovations, we cater to all homeowner needs. The unique challenges of residential plastering often involve intricate designs and delicate surfaces.

In these projects, we focus on solutions that ensure a smooth and durable finish. Our team’s expertise lies in achieving the perfect plaster texture that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of a home’s wall. Homeowners benefit from professional plastering by enjoying long-lasting, high-quality results.

Commercial Projects

Our successful commercial projects in Maplewood, MO and Saint Louis demonstrate the impact of quality plastering work on business spaces’ walls. We understand the importance of creating a professional and inviting environment for customers. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, ensuring a polished look that reflects professionalism.

Quality plaster work is crucial for commercial settings as it contributes to the overall branding and image of a business. By choosing our plastering services, businesses can enhance their space’s appearance and create a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Restoration Services

Specializing in restoration services for historical buildings sets us apart in Maplewood, MO. Restoring damaged plaster requires a meticulous process to bring back its former glory. Our team possesses the expertise needed to handle historical restorations with care and precision.

Restoring historical buildings involves more than just fixing damages; it entails preserving the unique characteristics and charm of each structure. Our dedication to detail ensures that every restoration project maintains the authenticity and integrity of the original design.

Expertise in Plaster Repair

Techniques Used

Our plaster repair projects involve cutting-edge methods for seamless results. We prioritize precision to ensure lasting repairs. Employing innovative approaches distinguishes our plaster repairs, guaranteeing top-notch outcomes that exceed expectations. By utilizing advanced techniques, we deliver durable and flawless results in every plaster repair job we undertake.

Materials Selection

Our meticulous process involves selecting premium plaster materials for each project. The quality of materials directly impacts the final finish. Choosing the right materials is crucial in achieving a superior plaster walls appearance that stands the test of time. We are dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, reflecting our commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

Before and After

Witness the remarkable transformations through captivating before-and-after images of our plastering services. Our projects showcase the significant enhancements achieved through professional plaster repairs, elevating property aesthetics. Experience the visual impact of our expert workmanship on properties, highlighting the value of professional exterior stucco services.

Restoration and Renovation

Historical Buildings

Preserving historical buildings is an art that requires expertise in plastering techniques to maintain their authenticity. Our company excels in enhancing the aesthetics of historical structures, ensuring they stand the test of time. The challenges of historical plastering lie in balancing preservation with necessary repairs.

When working on historical buildings, we meticulously assess the damage and develop tailored solutions for each unique room. Our tuckpointing services ensure that the building’s integrity is maintained while addressing any structural issues. Preserving historical plastering involves a deep understanding of traditional methods combined with modern expertise.

Our successful projects in historical building restoration showcase our commitment to preserving heritage. By seamlessly blending repair techniques with original design elements, we bring new life to these architectural gems. From intricate ceiling repairs to extensive damage restoration, our team delivers exceptional results.

Modern Structures

For modern structures, our company offers cutting-edge plastering solutions that complement contemporary architectural designs. Our proficiency lies in adapting traditional plastering techniques to suit the needs of modern construction. We prioritize quality and precision to deliver flawless finishes on every project.

Plastering seamlessly integrates with modern building materials, offering versatility and durability for today’s architectural requirements. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial space, our expertise ensures that the plasterwork enhances the overall aesthetic appeal while providing long-lasting protection.

In Maplewood, MO, we have worked on numerous modern structures, showcasing our ability to adapt to diverse design styles and preferences. From sleek minimalist interiors to bold exterior facades, our portfolio reflects the versatility and creativity we bring to every project.

Unique Challenges Addressed

Structural Concerns

Plastering in buildings often faces structural challenges such as cracks, moisture issues, and uneven surfaces. These problems can compromise the durability of the plaster if not addressed promptly. To tackle these issues, our team conducts thorough assessments before starting any project. By identifying structural weaknesses early on, we can implement targeted solutions to ensure a long-lasting finish. Maintaining structural integrity is crucial in plastering work to prevent future damages and maintain the building’s stability.

Aesthetic Considerations

Aesthetics play a vital role in determining the design choices for plastering projects. Texture, color, and finish significantly impact the overall look and feel of a space. Our experts carefully consider these elements to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal while ensuring functionality. Balancing aesthetics with practicality is key in creating visually pleasing yet durable plaster finishes. By harmonizing design preferences with structural requirements, we deliver results that are both visually stunning and structurally sound.

Testimonials Showcase

Residential Feedback

Residential clients consistently praise our plastering services in Maplewood, MO. They rave about the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Homeowners appreciate the timely completion of projects, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Clients highlight the professionalism of our team members, who go above and beyond to exceed expectations. The seamless communication throughout the project process stands out as a key factor in their satisfaction. Homeowners mention how our services have transformed their living spaces into stunning works of art.

One homeowner mentioned in a testimonial how our plastering work added value to their property, impressing guests and increasing overall home aesthetics. Another client praised the affordable pricing without compromising on quality, making our services accessible to a wide range of homeowners.

Commercial Praise

Commercial clients express their satisfaction through glowing reviews and testimonials. They emphasize the reliability of our plastering company for meeting strict deadlines and delivering exceptional results. Businesses appreciate the durability of our plastering solutions, ensuring long-lasting quality for their establishments.

Our commercial clients value the customization options available, tailored to suit their specific needs and preferences. They recognize the impact of our services on enhancing the professional image of their businesses, attracting more customers and boosting revenue. One client mentioned how our plastering work contributed significantly to a successful rebranding campaign.

Commercial clients point out the cost-effectiveness of partnering with us for plastering projects, saving them money in the long run through durable and low-maintenance solutions. They also commend our team’s efficiency in completing projects within budget constraints while maintaining high standards of quality.

Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

Our plastering company in Maplewood, MO boasts decades of experience in the industry. Through these years, we have refined our techniques and mastered the art of plastering. Our journey showcases the evolution of our services to meet modern demands.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the core of our values. We ensure high standards by implementing rigorous quality control measures at every stage. This dedication distinguishes us from competitors, ensuring top-notch results for every project.

Customer Satisfaction

At our plastering company, customer satisfaction is paramount. We prioritize understanding and meeting each client’s unique needs. Our history speaks volumes about our ability to consistently deliver delight and foster long-term loyalty.

Our Project Portfolio

Residential Highlights

Our residential plastering projects exemplify quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, transforming homes into stunning spaces. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we ensure each project exceeds expectations. The meticulous finishes and precise execution set our work apart in Maplewood, MO.

In our residential projects, we specialize in interior and exterior plastering, enhancing the aesthetics and durability of homes. Our skilled team brings innovative solutions to address any challenges, ensuring a seamless and lasting finish. Clients rave about the enhanced curb appeal and increased property value after our services.

The transformative effects of our services are evident in the before-and-after pictures of our projects. From outdated walls to sleek, modern finishes, our plastering solutions breathe new life into homes. We take pride in creating spaces that reflect the unique style and preferences of each homeowner.

Commercial Highlights

Our commercial projects showcase the versatility and expertise of our team in delivering top-notch plastering solutions for businesses. From large-scale renovations to intricate detailing, we have successfully completed a wide range of commercial projects in Maplewood, MO. Our commitment to timely delivery and superior quality sets us apart in the industry.

Notable achievements in our commercial portfolio include renowned business establishments, where our plastering work has contributed to their brand image and customer experience. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each business, whether it’s creating a modern office space or restoring a historic building facade.

Our team’s dedication to excellence is evident in every commercial project we undertake. We prioritize communication with clients to understand their vision and deliver results that exceed expectations. The impact of our plastering solutions on businesses goes beyond aesthetics, enhancing functionality and longevity.

Getting Started with Us

Consultation Process

Our plastering company in Maplewood, MO offers a comprehensive consultation process for all projects. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and vision. Effective communication during consultations is key to ensuring project success.

Project Planning

When it comes to project planning, we follow a meticulous approach for all our plastering assignments. We consider various factors such as project scope, materials, and timelines to ensure optimal results. Detailed planning plays a crucial role in the successful execution of each project.

  • Key factors considered during project planning:

    • Project scope and requirements

    • Budget constraints and material selection

    • Timelines and deadlines for project completion

Execution and Completion

At our plastering company, we prioritize seamless execution and timely completion of all projects. Our team focuses on efficient coordination throughout the implementation phase. Delivering projects within specified timelines is a core aspect of our service.

  • Steps involved in project execution:

    1. Preparation of the work area

    2. Application of plaster materials

    3. Finishing touches and quality checks before completion

Maintenance Tips

Post-Service Care

After completing our plastering services, our team provides comprehensive post-service care guidelines to ensure the longevity of your plaster finishes. We recommend regular cleaning with mild soap and water to maintain the pristine look of your surfaces. By following these simple steps, clients can preserve the beauty and integrity of their plastered walls for years to come.

To support our clients in preserving the quality of their plaster finishes, we emphasize the importance of avoiding harsh cleaning agents that can damage the surface. We offer personalized maintenance recommendations based on the specific type of plaster used in each project. This tailored approach ensures that your plastered surfaces remain in top condition, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.

Ongoing care is crucial for maintaining the durability and appearance of plastered surfaces. Our team educates clients on the significance of regular inspections to address any signs of wear and tear promptly. By investing time in routine maintenance, homeowners can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs, ultimately extending the lifespan of their plaster finishes.

Longevity Practices

At our plastering company, we implement proven strategies to enhance the longevity of plastered surfaces. Our skilled craftsmen apply high-quality materials and techniques to ensure long-lasting results for every project. By combining precision craftsmanship with premium materials, we deliver durable and aesthetically pleasing plaster finishes that stand the test of time.

For homeowners looking to maximize the lifespan of their plaster finishes, we offer expert tips and best practices. We recommend avoiding excessive moisture exposure and maintaining consistent indoor humidity levels to prevent damage to the plaster surface. These simple yet effective measures contribute significantly to prolonging the life expectancy of your plastered walls.

The durability and resilience of our plastering solutions set us apart in the industry. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we guarantee superior results that withstand daily wear and tear. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, our commitment to excellence ensures that your plaster finishes retain their beauty and structural integrity for years to come.


You now have a comprehensive understanding of our plastering services, from repairs to renovations. Our expertise and commitment to quality shine through in our testimonials and project portfolio. Remember, maintaining your plaster is crucial for its longevity. If you’re ready to elevate your space with top-notch plastering services, reach out to us today and let’s get started on transforming your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What plastering services do you offer in Maplewood, MO?

We provide a comprehensive range of plastering services including installation, repair, restoration, and renovation for residential and commercial properties in Maplewood, MO.

How experienced are your technicians in plaster repair?

Our technicians are highly skilled with years of experience in plaster repair. They possess the expertise to handle various types of plaster damage efficiently and effectively.

Yes, we specialize in addressing unique challenges such as intricate designs, historical preservation requirements, and custom finishes to ensure the best results for your project.

Do you have testimonials, reviews, from previous clients showcasing your work?

Absolutely! Our satisfied clients have shared their positive experiences with our plastering services. Check out our testimonials section to see how we’ve exceeded expectations.

Why should I choose your plastering company in Maplewood, MO for quality work on old stucco walls?

Choosing us means benefiting from our expertise, attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and commitment to delivering high-quality results that enhance the beauty and value of your property.


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