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Town and Country

Town and Country is a city in west St. Louis CountyMissouri, United States with a population of 10,815 as of the 2010 census.[8]

Town and Country has the highest median household income ($134,387 in 2009)[3] of any city in Missouri with a population over 10,000 and also has one of the highest median incomes of any city in the world. The city is included in the St. Louis, MO-IL Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is home to Bellerive Country Club, which hosted the 1965 U.S. Open,[9] the 1992 PGA Championship, and the 2018 PGA Championship.

Originally, it was primarily made up of large residential lots. The community first incorporated in 1950 as a village. The incorporation and establishment of a combination Public Safety Department providing three firefighters and one police officer on duty was to provide lower fire insurance rates for residents. The Village changed to city status in 1974 in an effort to increase property taxes. The maximum “Village” tax rate could no longer sustain the modest city government. In 1983 annexation of a large area to the west more than doubled the size of the city. This caused the city to maintain a police department and contract fire and EMS service to a neighboring fire district.

The original country charm of larger lots with white fences and grazing horses is hard to find, however there are a few exceptions. There are several large tracts of land that remain undeveloped. The area offers a quiet, restful, green residential landscape, in contrast to the more intensely developed areas typical of St. Louis County. There are relatively few commercial development areas. The predominant commercial locations tend to be at the periphery of the city boundaries along the regional arterials, and/or at the intersections of the major roads.

Town and Country was incorporated in 1950 as a village [1], and re-incorporated as a fourth-class city 25 years later.

Town and Country, Missouri

Town and Country

From top left, left to right: Office building, Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis Missouri Temple, Energizer Holdings headquarters



plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service
plastering residential commercial woemmel work home company project experience service


United States




Government [1]

1975 (City)

• Type

Mayor-board of aldermen-city administrator

• Mayor
Area [2]

Jon Dalton


11.68 sq mi (30.25 km2)


11.68 sq mi (30.25 km2)


0 sq mi (0 km2)



590 ft (180 m)






930/sq mi (360/km2)

Time zone

UTC-6 (Central (CST))

Summer (DST)



63131, 63017

Area code(s)


FIPS code


GNIS feature ID



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Woemmel is a St.

 with a concentration in Residential, Commercial, Ornamental, and Plater Repair.

Plastering Excellence

Craftsmanship Showcase

Our plastering work stands out for its intricate detailing and precision. Each project reflects our expertise and dedication to quality. We employ unique craftsmanship techniques that set us apart in the industry.

Interior Mastery

Interior plastering plays a crucial role in enhancing aesthetics. It elevates the overall look of a space, adding a touch of elegance. Our services offer various interior plastering options tailored to different needs.

Exterior Precision

Exterior plastering is essential for both protection and curb appeal. Our solutions boast durability and excellent weather resistance. Transforming the look of a building, exterior plastering adds value and visual appeal.

Passion for Plastering

Dedication to Craft

Our team exudes a profound passion for plastering, evident in every project we undertake. From plaster walls to tuckpointing, our commitment shines through. Each craftsman is dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality, ensuring client satisfaction.

The dedication to our craft goes beyond mere job completion; it’s about creating lasting impressions through impeccable workmanship. Our craftsmen are continuously honing their skills, staying updated with the latest techniques and trends in the industry. This commitment translates into exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Training is a cornerstone of our approach, with regular skill development sessions conducted to enhance our team’s expertise. By investing in continuous learning, we ensure that each project is executed with precision and finesse, showcasing our unwavering dedication to the art of plastering.

Artistry in Plaster

At our company, plastering transcends mere construction; it embodies an art form. Our designs incorporate artistic elements that elevate spaces and captivate onlookers. Through intricate detailing and meticulous craftsmanship, we transform ordinary surfaces into works of art.

Plastering serves as a canvas for creative expression, allowing us to infuse personality and character into every project. Whether it’s adding texture, patterns, or unique finishes, each touch reflects our artistic vision and attention to detail. The result is not just walls but masterpieces that tell stories and evoke emotions.

Our artisans employ unique plastering techniques that push boundaries and redefine conventional norms. From Venetian plaster finishes to decorative moldings, we embrace innovation while honoring traditional craftsmanship. These techniques showcase our artistry and set us apart as pioneers in the world of plastering.

Repair Expertise

Interior Fixes

Interior plastering issues like water damage can lead to significant structural damage if not addressed promptly. Our professional team excels in diagnosing and repairing such issues efficiently.

Timely interior plaster repairs are crucial to prevent further damage and maintain the structural integrity of your property. We prioritize quick responses to ensure minimal disruption.

To maintain interior plaster for longevity, regular inspections are essential. Professional touch-ups and repairs can address minor issues before they escalate into major problems.

Exterior Solutions

Exterior plastering problems, such as cracks and water damage, require immediate attention to prevent more extensive damage. Our experts offer tailored solutions for each issue.

Regular maintenance of exterior plastering not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also protects it from environmental elements. Our proactive maintenance plans ensure durability.

Our innovative approaches to exterior plastering solutions involve using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to provide long-lasting results. Trust our expertise for superior outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction

Testimonials Highlight

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Homeowners rave about the exceptional quality of our work. Our clients consistently give us great job ratings and glowing reviews.

We proudly display before-and-after images, showcasing the transformative power of our plastering services. The positive feedback from our customers speaks volumes about the knowledge and expertise we bring to every project.

Specific projects that have garnered exceptional feedback include intricate ceiling restorations and flawless wall finishes.

Trust Building

Building trust in the plastering industry is crucial for us. We prioritize transparency and open communication with all our clients. Our commitment to honesty and reliability has earned us a stellar reputation.

Every interaction with our customers reflects our dedication to integrity and professionalism. By consistently delivering on promises and exceeding expectations, we have established long-lasting relationships built on trust.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Skillset

Our plastering team possesses a diverse skill set honed through years of experience and specialized training. With certifications in various plastering techniques, we guarantee top-notch results. Their expertise ensures precise application and flawless finishes that exceed expectations.

Certified in both traditional and modern plastering methods, our team’s training equips them to handle any project with finesse. Their extensive experience in working on a variety of surfaces enables them to deliver exceptional results consistently. This blend of knowledge and hands-on experience sets us apart in the industry.

The superior results we achieve are a direct result of our team’s unmatched skill set. From intricate designs to seamless finishes, our plastering experts bring precision and artistry to every project. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every detail, ensuring customer satisfaction with every job.

Comprehensive Services

Our range of plastering services caters to a wide array of client needs, from residential renovations to commercial projects. Whether it’s repairing cracks or applying decorative finishes, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our comprehensive services cover everything from initial preparation to final touches.

By offering a one-stop solution for all plastering needs, we provide convenience and efficiency to our clients. Instead of juggling multiple contractors for different tasks, they can rely on us for a seamless experience. Our ability to deliver diverse services under one roof simplifies the process and saves time for our customers.

Accessing multiple plastering solutions from one provider not only saves time but also ensures consistency in quality throughout the project. Clients can trust that each aspect of their plastering needs will be handled with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our comprehensive services streamline the entire process for a stress-free experience.

Our Process

Consultation to Completion

At Plastering Company Town and Country MO, we prioritize a seamless process from initial consultation to project completion. Our team values clear communication and collaboration, ensuring that every aspect of the project is understood by all parties involved. We believe in transparency and involving our clients in decision-making throughout the entire process.

To guarantee client satisfaction, we emphasize regular updates and feedback sessions to address any concerns promptly. By keeping our clients informed and engaged, we build trust and create a positive working relationship. Our goal is to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality results that align with our clients’ vision for their space.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous quality control measures implemented in every plastering project. We adhere to strict standards to maintain consistency and precision in our work. Utilizing premium materials and advanced techniques, we ensure that each project meets the highest quality standards.

Before and After

Showcasing striking before-and-after images of our plastering projects allows you to witness the dramatic transformations firsthand. These visual representations emphasize the significant impact of our work. The swimming pool area, for instance, illustrates a complete overhaul from worn-out to pristine.

Highlighting the transformation and impact of our plastering work is crucial in demonstrating our expertise and attention to detail. By comparing the initial state with the final outcome, clients can appreciate the substantial improvements made. Witnessing a faded, outdated pool area transform into a luxurious oasis is truly remarkable.

Discussing the process and techniques involved in achieving such remarkable results adds depth to our showcase. From surface preparation to finishing touches, each step plays a vital role in achieving a flawless finish. Utilizing high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship ensures that every project meets our stringent standards.

Diverse Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases the diversity of our plastering projects, spanning various styles and scales to cater to different needs. From elegant residential renovations to expansive commercial developments, we excel in delivering top-notch results across all sectors. Each project reflects our commitment to quality and precision.

Highlighting projects ranging from residential to commercial spaces demonstrates our versatility and adaptability. Whether it’s reviving an old-fashioned home exterior or enhancing a modern office facade, we tailor our approach to suit diverse environments. Our ability to seamlessly transition between different project scopes sets us apart in the industry.

Discussing how our portfolio demonstrates versatility and expertise underscores our capability to handle diverse challenges. By showcasing a wide array of successful projects, we instill confidence in potential clients regarding our proficiency and reliability. Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to deliver exceptional results consistently.

Maintenance Tips

Interior Care

Taking care of interior plaster is essential to preserve its beauty and durability. To maintain interior plaster, regularly dust and clean the surfaces using a soft cloth or brush. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the plaster’s finish.

Regular maintenance is crucial for interior plastering as it helps prevent issues such as cracks, chips, and discoloration. By addressing any minor damages promptly, you can avoid more extensive repairs in the future. Proper care also ensures that your interior plaster remains in top condition for years to come.

Common issues with interior plaster include hairline cracks, water damage, and mold growth. To address these problems, fill in cracks with a suitable filler, repair any water leaks promptly, and treat mold with a mildew remover. Regular inspections can help catch these issues early on.

Exterior Preservation

Preserving exterior plastering requires proactive measures to protect it from the elements. Apply a fresh coat of paint or sealant every few years to safeguard the exterior plaster from moisture and UV damage. This helps maintain its appearance and structural integrity.

Weather conditions and environmental factors can impact exterior plaster, leading to fading, peeling, or cracking. To combat these effects, choose high-quality exterior paints or finishes that offer protection against harsh sunlight, rain, and humidity. Properly sealed exteriors are less prone to damage over time.

To ensure the longevity of exterior plaster, conduct regular inspections for signs of wear and tear. Look out for areas where the plaster may be chipping or showing signs of water infiltration. Prompt repairs and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your exterior plaster significantly.

Contact Information

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact us for inquiries or consultations. Our staff is ready to assist you promptly.
Explore our website to discover more about our services and how we can meet your plastering needs.

Schedule a Visit

Consider scheduling a site visit for personalized assessments. An on-site evaluation ensures accurate project planning.
Scheduling a visit kickstarts the plastering process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth experience for you.

Closing Thoughts

You’ve seen the dedication we pour into our plastering work, ensuring excellence, repair expertise, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Choosing us means choosing quality and reliability every step of the way. Our process, showcased in our project gallery, reflects our passion for what we do. Remember our maintenance tips to keep your plaster looking pristine. For all your plastering needs in Town and Country, MO, you know who to call. Reach out today and experience the difference firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your plastering company’s quality work and architectural enhancements stand out in Town and Country, MO?

Our plastering company in Town and Country, MO stands out due to our commitment to excellence, passion for the craft, expertise in repairs, focus on customer satisfaction, and a proven track record of successful projects.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction with your plastering services?

We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing high-quality workmanship, clear communication throughout the project, timely completion, attention to detail, and addressing any concerns or issues promptly to ensure a positive experience for every client.

Can you explain your process for plastering projects?

Our plastering process involves thorough preparation of surfaces, application of high-quality materials, skilled craftsmanship in plastering techniques, meticulous finishing touches, and a final inspection to ensure the work meets our standards of excellence and the client’s expectations.

Do you offer maintenance tips for customers after completing a plastering project, tuckpointing, architectural enhancements, and quality work on walls?

Yes, we provide valuable maintenance tips to help customers preserve the beauty and longevity of their plastered surfaces. These tips include regular cleaning with gentle products, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives, addressing any damage promptly, and scheduling periodic inspections for maintenance.

Why should customers choose your plastering company over others in Town and Country, MO?

Customers should choose our plastering company for our dedication to quality work, years of experience in the industry, personalized approach to each project, competitive pricing, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a portfolio of successful projects that showcase our expertise.


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